Columbus Bar Lawyers Quarterly

Summer 2016

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Articles in this issue include: ‚Äč

Advanced Reproductive Technologies and Bioethics: Contractual Concerns and Litigation Opportunities
by Ashley E. Gammella

Bridging the Gap: Ohio Taps the Brakes on Ride-Sharing Service Companies
by Acacia M. Perko

Civil Jury Trials: Franklin County Common Pleas Court
by Monica L. Waller

Closet Dilemma: A Capsule Wardrobe for New Attorneys
by Tara E. Turner

Common Threads Among Cases: Factors that Impact the Ease of Mediation in Differing Courts
by David M. Cohen

Cyber Liability for Lawyers
by Gretchen Koehler Mote

Law Schools: From Bad to Worse
by Jason M. Dolin

Lawyers Quarterly Digital Edition Moves to Issuu
by Caitlin A. Roberts

Lawyers With Artistic License: Jon Browning
by Heather G. Sowald

Loss of Scalia Sends Some Supreme Court Cases on to Different Trajectory
by Mary J. Nienaber

Moving Forward: 2016 Marks Changes to Columbus Bar Publications and Digital Directory
by Brigid E. Heid

Technology Overload? Managing Distractions and Workload in the 21st Century
by Paul J. Unger

The Hot Housing Market and its Hot New Regulation: TRID
by Melonia A. Bennett

The Interpreter Dilemma: Certified or Not?
by E. Pilar Warner

The Underside of Progress
by Janyce C. Katz

Three Project Management Tools Every Lawyer Can Use
by Kelly L. Atkinson

Tom Enright: Retired Political Icon, Good Source of Local History
by Hon. David E. Cain