Columbus Bar Lawyers Quarterly

Spring 2017

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Articles in this issue include: ​

Advice for Lawyers: Magistrate Judge Kimberly A. Jolson
by Bryan Gramlich

Central Ohio Needs Affordable Homes
by Amy Klaben

Civil Jury Trials: Franklin County Common Pleas Court
by Monica L. Waller

Creating and Sustaining A Diversity Plan: Our Story
by Jennifer A. Adair and Kathleen Madden

Cuba's Legal System Provides Educational Opportunity
by Kristin Rosan

Lawyers with Artistic License: Lisa L. Sadler
by Heather G. Sowald

Legion of Lawyers Touring Tuscany, Part 2
by Hon. David E. Cain

Malpractice Advice from Beyond: Shakespeare's Polonius
by Rick E. Marsh

Regulations as a Positive Force
by Janyce C. Katz

Regulation Without Representation
by Daniel J. Dew

Resolve Your Case from the Comfort of Your Home
by Veronica M. Cravener

Stephanie Hanna Q&A: Why You Should Run for the Columbus Bar Association’s Board of Governors
by Jill Bigler

TAP Project: Serving Columbus' Underserved Tenants
by Dianna Parker Howie

The Function of Form-Based Codes
by Thomas F. Schmitt

The Social Media Dilemma: Should Lawyers Be "Friends"?
by Gina Piacentino

The Success of Our City
by Brigid E. Heid