Columbus Bar Lawyers Quarterly

Spring 2015

Columbus Bar Lawyers Quarterly - (View PDF)
Complete publication for Spring 2015.

A Semi-Automatic Machine Gun? Ohio HB 234 Fix - (View PDF)
by Derek A. DeBrosse
Governor John Kasich signed House Bill 234 into law on December 19, 2014 dramatically changing the existing gun laws in the State of Ohio.

Civil Jury Trials and 2014 Year in Review - (View PDF)
by Monica L. Waller
Franklin County Common Pleas Court

England Coast to Coast—On Foot - (View PDF)
by Hon. David E. Cain
Here's a novel way to travel abroad - walk. Could be a great method to ensure that all the scenery will be absorbed, the mysteries will be explored and all the roses will be well smelled. Or not.

Everyone Who Believes in the Value of Dispute Resolution Please Stand By! - (View PDF)
by Edward M. Krauss
There is a mutually beneficial partnership that is special and worthy of recognition. The Columbus Bar Association has for years valued and promoted Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in general and mediation in particular.

How Dry We Weren’t - (View PDF)
by Lloyd E. Fisher, Jr.
Prohibition -- that ill-fated American experiment banning recreational alcohol – was a fascinating period of our history.

It is Springtime in Columbus. Close Your Laptop and Take a Break - (View PDF)
by Lauren M. Hilsheimer
If you are anything like me, by the time spring finally decides to make its fashionably late appearance in Columbus, you are ready to ditch the down coat and gloves, get off of your couch, and forego loyalty to the Netflix or HBO GO membership that kept you warm all winter.

Just When You Thought We Couldn’t Get Any Better - (View PDF)
by Keith W. Schneider
As is customary with most outgoing Presidents, this is my last opportunity to showcase the fine work of your Association over the past year.

Largess From the Law Library - (View PDF)
by Bruce A. Campbell
“Hello, dear, this is your Auntie Melba. I just cleaned out the root cellar before we move to Palm Desert, and I found boxes of old family photos and stuff I thought you might want to keep.”

Lawyers with Artistic License: Arnold S. White - (View PDF)
by Heather G. Sowald
Arnie doesn’t remember why he started painting, but he remembers feeling that he just needed to try his hand at it.

Major Developments Concerning Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs) - (View PDF)
by Matthew W. Gibson
If an individual has $1,250,000 in an IRA that the individual created, those IRA assets are protected from creditors, even if the individual has to file for bankruptcy.

My Dog Needs A Lawyer - (View PDF)
by Jane Brener
“Fur-baby.” Yes, my Labradoodle—Teddy—is my fur-baby.

Ohio Redistricting - (View PDF)
by Ann Henkener
In December 2014, the 130th Ohio General Assembly passed House Joint Resolution 12. The resolution authorizes placement of an amendment to the Ohio Constitution on the November 2015 ballot, changing the way Ohio draws districts for the Ohio General Assembly.

Quick Expert Cross-Examination - (View PDF)
by Brian J. Laliberte
1. Start with the expert’s deposition – if you have one. Sometimes, you just are not going to have it. If you do, dissect it. Commit it to memory.

Speaking (Up) While Female - (View PDF)
by Margeaux Kimbrough
Sheryl Sandberg, the author of the revolutionary and very popular book, Lean In, and Professor Adam Grant, from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, recently published a New York Times op-ed entitled, “Speaking While Female.”

Stop Sending the Wrong Message - (View PDF)
by Kailee M. Goold
Four ways lawyers can communicate more effectively.

The Feeling of Freedom - (View PDF)
by David S. Bloomfield and Orsolya Hamar-Hilt
The United States of America is a country of opportunity, “home of the brave.”

The Job Market—How To Stand Out From Your Competitors - (View PDF)
by Rachel A. Sabo and Dimitrios N. Makridis
With law school enrollment at an all time low and an uncertain job market, Rachel Sabo and Dimitrios Makridis sat down with Shawn Beem, Assistant Dean for Professional Development at Capital University Law School, to ask him a few questions about what young lawyers can expect after law school and how to differentiate themselves from their competition.

With New Guardianship Model, Collaboration is Key - (View PDF)
by Hon. Robert G. Montgomery
Shortly after taking the bench in 2011, I saw first-hand Ohio’s guardianship system which had all the key components of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.