Columbus Bar Lawyers Quarterly

Fall 2014

Columbus Bar Lawyers Quarterly - (View PDF)
Complete publication for Fall 2014.

A Conversation with Judge Sutton - (View PDF)
by Ali Haque
Judge Jeffrey S. Sutton is a judge on the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. He talks about his background, his path to becoming a judge, how Columbus has shaped him, and what he expects from attorneys appearing before him.

About Old Courthouses - (View PDF)
by Rick Marsh
How many lawyers currently practicing in Franklin County have actually tried a jury trial in: (A) the new courthouse, 345 South High Street; (B) the old courthouse, 369 South High Street, the rehabbed building across the street; (C) the old, old courthouse, razed on the site of what is now Dorrian Commons; and (D) the courthouse annex, the County Services Building directly south of Dorrian Commons?

Be a Better Outside Counsel! - (View PDF)
by Erin Orndorff
My firm offers a unique program for first year associates. The firm identifies opportunities for associates to spend several weeks in-house with clients engaging them in the aspects of their individual business.

Changing Role of Legal Secretaries - (View PDF)
by Kelly Coholich
Lawyers: How has your use of secretaries and other non-legal staff changed since you started practicing? Even if you have not been practicing very long? More important, are you prepared for where those roles are heading?

Civil Jury Trials - (View PDF)
by Monica L. Waller
Franklin County Common Pleas Court.

Client Confidentiality - (View PDF)
by Bob Ellis
Do you send unencrypted email to clients? Do clients send you email from their work address? Do you communicate with clients using instant messaging or texting? Do you use cloud-based storage or applications?

Here Goes Nothing? - (View PDF)
by Jameson Rehm
Allow me to take you back in the time to your youth. I’d say these were happier or simpler times, but that wouldn’t be altogether honest.

Law Schools: The Real Employment Numbers - (View PDF)
by Jason Dolin
This past May, after almost six years of recovery, the U.S. economy finally recovered the 8.7 million jobs it lost in the Great Recession. Recent reports also show that for each of the five months from February through June 2014, the economy added more than 200,000 jobs.

Lawyers with Artistic License - (View PDF)
by Heather Sowald
Robert G. Palmer, sitting behind his drum set, appears in his high school yearbook. Beneath the picture, it says: “Outstanding Senior.”

Navigating the Seven “C”s of Mediation - (View PDF)
by Daniel Ryan
As the clouds of conflict gather and the stormy, uncertain journey of litigation shrouds the horizon a cry from the crow’s nest rings through the heavy air. “Mediation!”

Old Blue Danube Offers Great Dance - (View PDF)
by Hon. David Cain
Take a waltz on the “Blue Danube” and capture the charm of old Central Europe.

Reflections of a Muddy Lawyer - (View PDF)
by Jill Snitcher McQuain
I recently ran the Tough Mudder Ohio for the first time. When talking with others about my training and preparations for the Mudder, most people seemed utterly dumbfounded about why anyone would willingly do such a thing, absent military training or a desire to enlist.

Starting a Law Firm - (View PDF)
by Rachel Sabo
If you are considering starting your own law firm, ask yourself two questions. Am I willing to work hard? Can I ask for help? If the answer is yes to both, read on.

Take a Ride with Us - (View PDF)
by Keith Schneider
Relevance is a term to which lawyers are finely in tune. Rest assured the Columbus Bar leadership is also acutely aware of the importance of our own relevance to the local legal community.

Turning Dreams into Reality - (View PDF)
by Michael Flowers
I became a lawyer because lawyers have the ability to take an American dream and turn it into an American reality. My father and mother dreamed of owning their own business, and a lawyer helped that dream to become a reality.

Water Thoughts - (View PDF)
by John Hoppers
I hear tell there is a website where you can post your most hare-brained ideas and if perchance someone grabs your ball and runs with it, you can share in the spoils if the idea is a winner.