Columbus Bar Lawyers Quarterly

Fall 2013

Columbus Bar Lawyers Quarterly - (View PDF)
Complete publication for Fall 2013.

A Quick Reference Guide to Citations in the Supreme Court of Ohio Writing Manual - (View PDF)
by Jeffrey A. Willis & Marisa Barlette Willis
The Supreme Court of Ohio Writing Manual (“Writing Manual”) was adopted and released by the Ohio Supreme Court in 2011 (effective January 1, 2012) as a comprehensive guide for its use in writing judicial opinions. It was updated as a second edition in 2013.

Anthony Lewis—A role model - (View PDF)
by Janyce C. Katz
Anthony Lewis, the two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and former New York Times journalist, died on March 25, 2013, just a little over fifty years from the date the Supreme Court decided Gideon v. Wainwright, 372 U.S.335 (1963), the case memorialized in his best-known book, Gideon’s Trumpet.

Civil Jury Trials - (View PDF)
by Monica L. Waller
Franklin County Common Pleas Court.

Commons Law - (View PDF)
by Bruce A. Campbell
The Columbus Bar has an attraction to South Third Street that rivals the bond between a pair of Scotty/Westy dog magnets. It has not been able to bring itself to leave this hood – at least for the last three-plus decades.

Engaging Your Core - (View PDF)
by Jill Snitcher McQuain
Some of you may know that I am somewhat of a fitness geek (some might say a teeny bit maniacal). A common chant I often hear in various training classes is “engage your core.”

Getting Into the Cloud - (View PDF)
by Mark Kafantaris
There are many benefi ts to going paperless, and one of them is that you can actually find your stuff. But how do we do it?

Great Entertainment—Big Animals in the Wilds (2nd of a 3-Part Series) - (View PDF)
by Hon. David E. Cain
A leopard slept with a full belly in the tall grass near a tree from which the mostly bare skeleton of an impala dangled about 15 feet above the ground.

Justice Scalia Was Right! - (View PDF)
by Michael L. Corey
That’s one incontrovertible lesson I’ve taken from law school. Never mind his Originalism, Justice Scalia was right about something far more important.

LAW SCHOOLS: The Real Employment Numbers for the Law Class of 2012 - (View PDF)
by Jason M. Dolin
Like the recent graduating classes that preceded it, nationally the Law Class of 2012 endured another miserable hiring year, barely better than the historically low employment fate suffered by the Class of 2011.

Let’s Put the Counselor Back in “Attorney and Counselor at Law” - (View PDF)
by Christina L. Corl
I will never forget the first time I turned down a winnable case. A young woman and her parents were sitting in my office telling me about a dispute with the woman’s employer.

Life Skills Learned Through Video Games - (View PDF)
by Aaron L. Granger
Raising a young teenage boy presents a multitude of challenges. Especially when that teen is going through a physiological metamorphosis and fails to use the appropriate executive skills necessary to successfully complete even the most mundane tasks.

Mother-Lawyers: The Shero Revamped - (View PDF)
by Shantae D. Clayborn
I often feel like Wonder Woman. In the morning, I leap into the duties of a powerhouse litigation attorney, armed with the bangles of justice and equality on each wrist – anxious to take on any legal issue that may come my way. I slide into a sleek black suit, toss my hair into a power bun, and grab my briefcase.

My Professional Alma Mater - (View PDF)
by Mark Petrucci
After I decided to run for the Columbus Bar Secretary/Treasurer position, one of the most common questions I heard was “Why?”

Paralegals: An Ethical Conundrum - (View PDF)
by Jameson Rehm
Currently, unlike attorneys, paralegals do not have to report to any ethical regulatory body if a complaint is raised. While some associations (National Association of Legal Assistants and Illinois Paralegal Association) have a Code of Ethics, there is no governing body at either the state or national level that enforces them.

Soliciting Potential Clients by Text Message is Not a "LOL" Matter- (View PDF)
by Charles E. Ticknor III & Nita Hanson
The evolution of technology has changed the way attorneys do business, yet the waters have been muddied by debates over proper and ethical uses of that technology in carrying out their responsibilities.

The Interview - (View PDF)
by Ali Haque
From the author: Steve Nolder made national headlines earlier this year when he resigned his position as the lead federal public defender in the Office of the Public Defender for the Southern District of Ohio. He did not make headlines because he resigned, but because of his rationale for doing so. Mr. Nolder explains his reasoning, and his new career with Scott & Nolder Law Firm, in his own words.